viernes, diciembre 31, 2010

sunset of the year

Saying goodbye to 2010... Have a nice night! have a great new year!!
See you on 2011!!

Diciendo adiós al 2010... espero que paséis una noche increíble!

Cabo Prior, Cobas (septiembre 2010)

lunes, diciembre 06, 2010

trying to survive

Cubierto de nieve, hielo... a algunos grados bajo cero... la supervivencia se pone complicada para los más pequeños.

Covered in snow, where the temperature is some grades (ºC) below zero... the struggle for survival becomes hard for the smallest living organism.

Rascafria, 90 km from Madrid

domingo, noviembre 21, 2010

pigeon's friend

Lo confieso, robé esta foto el pasado febrero, paseando por Oporto. Sin mirar a través de la cámara, simplemente pulsando el disparador, sin parar a echar la foto. A veces sale bien, a veces no, pero merece la pena jugar un rato.

I "stole" this picture in Porto last february,
... without looking thru my camera, just pressing the shutter while walking, in that way, sometimes you get a nice pic -but most of the times it didn't worth at all-.
Have you ever played that game?

(note: I think Porto is one of my favourites cities in the world)
Porto, February 2010

miércoles, noviembre 10, 2010

blue mood

It may be a dream... but it does exist

Chefchaouen (north of Morocco)
October 2010

martes, noviembre 09, 2010


Last thursday I woke up and found this amazing landscape in front of me
... see the moon?

Madrid, noviembre 2010

domingo, junio 27, 2010

The hardest part

The power of the green life over the dead stone...

On the roof of Duomo cathedral, Milan
June 2010

jueves, febrero 11, 2010


In that moment I couldn't think of anything but "The birds"... the Hitchcock movie...

En Oporto, la semana pasada.

lunes, enero 11, 2010

Let it snow... happy 2010 :)

I know it's been a while since the last post...
Happy new year dear bloggers! Madrid today is beautiful... enjoy it