domingo, noviembre 21, 2010

pigeon's friend

Lo confieso, robé esta foto el pasado febrero, paseando por Oporto. Sin mirar a través de la cámara, simplemente pulsando el disparador, sin parar a echar la foto. A veces sale bien, a veces no, pero merece la pena jugar un rato.

I "stole" this picture in Porto last february,
... without looking thru my camera, just pressing the shutter while walking, in that way, sometimes you get a nice pic -but most of the times it didn't worth at all-.
Have you ever played that game?

(note: I think Porto is one of my favourites cities in the world)
Porto, February 2010

miércoles, noviembre 10, 2010

blue mood

It may be a dream... but it does exist

Chefchaouen (north of Morocco)
October 2010

martes, noviembre 09, 2010


Last thursday I woke up and found this amazing landscape in front of me
... see the moon?

Madrid, noviembre 2010